Audio ProductionAudio Production

Welcome to GigaSax Music Productions in Waldkirch-Kollnau near Freiburg I. Br.
We create audio productions for all styles: We take over the entire prcocedure, from the idea to mastering, all the way up to the finalized and sellable CD's or DVD's. We produce the following in our recording studio:

Music Productions

Creation of complete CD productions – planning, recording, mixing and mastering. We will gladly assist you during procedures like CD-reproduction. (copies and repaire)

Live Recordings & Mobile Recordings

We can take our recording equiptment to a place of your choise. We can record your festival or concert and produce a CD or DVD directly or live.

Sound & Design Mixing

We offer creative sound design for challenging Rock and Pop productions as well as Soundtracks, trailer productions or theatre recordings.

Audio Restauration

We restaurate and digitalise your old treasures and bring them back to life; old vinyls and/or old audio cassettes.

Mastering / Premastering

Audio-recordings and mastering take place using the highest quality equipment. Our studio offers modern technology or established analog equipment to ensure best results during production.


High class studio microphones, different digital and analog mixers, hard disc recording systems, like “Pro Tools” and MOTU with required peripherals make up the core of our recordings. Output formats could be CD-R, DVD, DAT, MD or Tascam DA-88.

Surround System 5.1

The theme “Surround system 5.1” is not only popular through DVD movies but also HD-TV will be using 5.1 sound. Therefore, we equipped our studio with the best technology for 5.1 system sound and other music formats.

Certainly we will also take over the authoring, including your preferences which means menu design and programming as well as surround sound encoding.

We will implement Authoring & Soundtrack Production, scoring & sound design, assignment productions, advertisement for radio & TV, creation of TV commercials, voice recordings, talking-books, radio-plays, CD-readings, programming, artist playbacks, cover artwork as well as webdesign.