Composer, Arranger, MUsicianComposer, Arranger, Musician

13-years-lasting classical music studies with a diploma for soloist, clarinettist and second instrument piano as well as a decade worth of experience in the professional world of music make Mike Nitu a very popular live and studio musician too, who controls many instruments.

Beeing a composer and arranger Mike Nitu has a great experience in different genres from classical to jazz, from pop to hip hop. He can also offer services like soundtracks and the scoring of multimedia project as well as orchestration of external compositions.

Audio productions and video scoring can be done in Mike Nitu's own recording studio in an highly professional manner.

All his compositions are, or will be copyright protected through “GEMA”.

He has the possibility to independantly release the music as a producer with his own IP protected label.

Mike Nitu playing piano